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Amy is one of the co-owners of the Candy Castle franchise. She is unlocked as a playable character after Mary visits the Candy Castle shortly after leaving the Stump Village. She originally does not want to join Mary on her quest, but after they defeat an invasion of the castle, Amy is inspired to join Mary on their quest at the last minute.

The name "Amy" is a play on the Japanese word for candy or sweets, "ame" (あめ).


Amy appears to be the youngest member of the brigade. She is naive and innocent when it comes to matters involving blood or death. She loves candy and anything sweet.


Amy uses a force field of candy as her weapon. The candies rotate around her and create impacts with enemies. The speed of the rotation as well as the number of candies in rotation increase with upgrades. When the candy makes impact with an enemy, the candy is destroyed and requires time to regenerate.