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Eve is 5th unlockable character in TinyWars as well as a major boss battle. She is also one of the main antagonists in the story up until the point that she ends up joining Mary's brigade.


Eve was noted as being extremely mature for her age. She spent her early years studying the history of the tiny people, politics, economics, and wars. She assumed the mantle at the Church of Mother and became the mediator between the Church and Mother.


Eve is a servant of the Church of Mother and the most important accomplishment in the Study of Human Creation. Unlike the other characters, Eve was the first human created completely from the Blood of Mother without any substrate or other genetic material. As a result, Eve is accepted into the Inner Court of the Church and can communicate directly with Mother.

Early Life

Later in the game, it is revealed that Eve and Mary were childhood friends. Eve was actually a direct result of the secret research Mary's Father had been performing. Eve's role in the grand scheme of things is not directly revealed to her until much later, however Eve was meant to be used as a catalyst for The End. After Eve became of age to join the Church, she was delivered to the Church of Mother located within Capitus Kingdom.

Military Role

Because Eve is granted special knowledge from the Shrine of Mother, she is often used on the battlefield to direct troops and easily find the location of Mary.


Eve has the ability to place traps in the pathway within one square (directly and diagonally) of her. These traps appear as close lines, but when an enemy steps on them, they open up to reveal eyes on the ground. These eyes produce a red lightning effect which can halt enemy movement and cause damage to them. Once an eye is stepped on, it is consumed, and Eve must spawn another trap eye to the pathway.