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Kim is the second unlockable character in TinyWars. She can be found in the Stump Village dungeon and is unlocked before the 2nd mission in the game.


Kim was imprisoned for practicing magic and for almost burning down the Stump Village. After completing the first mission, Mary was the one who requested additional units for her brigade. Kim was initially hesitant in joining, but after Mary persuaded her by stepping on Kim's pet ladybug, Kim joined the brigade.

After completion of the 2nd mission, Mary almost locked Kim back in her jail cell, but Suzu convinced her not to, and from that point forward, Kim became loyal to Mary and thought of her as a friend.


Kim gets excited easily over delicious looking food and anything that looks cute, including most insects and mushrooms. Her hobbies include scouting for mushrooms to sit on and creating various warm drinks using her fire magic and an acorn shaped mug.

In the beginning, Kim had a dead appearance and personality (during her imprisonment), but after she joined Mary's brigade, she eventually opened up and came to her current self. Kim is very passionate about her flame magic and practices whenever she can.


Kim's weapon can be described as a magical wand in which her flames shoot from. The wand is composed of a hairpin and a match stick tied together. At the end of the match head is a ladybug. When the ladybug flaps its wings, the fire appears from the end of the match head. The ladybug is not attached to the staff in any permanent way.

Kim's attacks are long range fireball attacks. They deal less damage than Suzu's scythe but have longer range and a higher attack rate than Suzu's scythe. In higher upgrade levels, Kim's fireballs create explosions after each impact.