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Kumo is the 4th unlockable character who can be found inside John's House. She was found living there by herself as the entire are was abandoned and taken over by spiders. Locked away in a research room, she spent her days studying potion making and working with her pet spider to brew potions.


Kumo is shy, reserved, and generally quiet. She often latches on to her spider for comfort. She doesn't have much interests outside of potion making. She never knew her parents and feels some sort of familial bond with the spiders in John's House.


Kumo throws various potions at enemies which have different effects. The potions normally perform long term damage, so it is advantageous to place Kumo towards the front of the enemy's path. However, some enemies are unaffected by the potions unless their armor is broken first, so the player will need to analyze the types of enemies coming through and chose Kumo's placement carefully.

Eye Patch

Kumo's eye patch consists of a black button with red thread wrapping around her head. It is later revealed that Kumo had some sort of exchange with a spider which caused her left eye to turn red. This eye has the ability to see well in darkness, this makes Kumo more effective in dark levels where enemy visibility is low.


Kumo grew up never knowing her own parents. She had always known the inside of John's House, and was educated and raised by the spiders which eventually took over the research lab after Mary's father had committed the massacre. It is speculated that Kumo's actual parents were murdered by Mary's father. Both Mary and Kumo are unaware of this.