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Mary is the main character in TinyWars which the player controls. She stands on top of the tower at the end of each stage's pathway and commands the units in the game. Eventually Mary can be upgraded with a bow to help defend the tower if enemies get too close.

Early Life

Mary spent her early years studying her father's work on the Art of Defense. Mary lost both her father and mother at an early age. She was raised by Suzu who acted as a motherly figure towards her. Both Mary and Suzu lived within the Stump Castle under the protection of the Stump King.

Stump Village Invasion

In the first level of TinyWars, Mary is tasked with defending the Stump Village. Once she successfully proves herself, the Stump King allotted more freedoms to Mary, including allowing her to drop out of school in order to focus on her true calling, which was to pick up her father's work.

Relationship with her Father

Throughout the game, Mary discovers various documents and notes which help clarify the events that lead to her father's death. She discovers some of her father's secret research and notes which eventually turn the tide of Mary's mission and brings her closer to knowing the truth about the Two Kingdoms and The Witch.

Father's Final Journal Entry

The biggest revelation occurs when Mary uncovers her fathers journal which was written right before his death. This note contained information regarding the secret research he was conducting under the King, as well as details of a covered up massacre (which was committed by her father), and the final revelation regarding the disappearance of Mary's mother.

Members of Mary's Brigade

Throughout her journey to save the Tiny Kingdom, Mary gathers new friends to join her brigade.


Suzu is Mary's guardian as well as the first usable unit in the game.


Kim is the first outside member recruited to Mary's brigade during the events that occur in the Stump Village. She becomes a usable unit for missions after the first level.


Amy later joins Mary after they defend the Candy Castle from an ambush.


Kumo was found inside John's House and ends up joining Mary after they defeat the Spider King.


Eve temporarily joins the brigade after their encounter in the caves.

Other Relationships

The Stump King

The Stump King was tasked with caring for Mary by Mary's Father after both her parents died.


Drake is a senator from the Tiny Kingdom who represents the Stump Village. He provides Mary with some insight and advice in the early game.

Amy's Big Sister

Amy's Big Sister allows Amy to join Mary's brigade while she fully manages the Candy Castle business while Amy is gone.


Lily encounters Mary at the Bar early in the game and taunts Mary and her brigade.

Restaurant Owner

The Restaurant Owner cooks dishes for Mary and her brigade based on various ingredients that the player unlocks. Completing all the food missions unlocks an optional item which can be used in the game.